Odyssey Oracle

Oracle Junior

Publish Date: Thu, 2015-10-01

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Poetry and pictures of the new Odyssey Junior students.

Introducing the Class of 2016

Publish Date: Tue, 2015-09-01

CoverThe new students write about their reactions to joining the Odyssey class, and respond to the question, "Are You a Writer?"

Welcome, Class of 2016

Publish Date: Tue, 2015-09-01


Letters from last years class to the new students, and pictures of former students who have gone on to graduate from college.

Celebrating the Journey

Publish Date: Wed, 2015-04-01

Students reflect on the past year and send messages of encouragement to next year's class.Cover

Special Poetry Edition

Publish Date: Wed, 2015-04-01

Students write and respond to poetryCover

Enjoying Classmates

Publish Date: Sun, 2015-03-01


Read student editorials about homelessness, low wages, elder abuse, and other issues, as well as poetry on a range of topics.

Class Snapshots

Publish Date: Sun, 2015-02-01


“I am proud of getting back into school. At 35 years old, I honestly was starting to let go of my educational goals. Then I was accepted into the Odyssey Program, and my need for knowledge came back.”—Jessi Hodges

In this issue of the Oracle, students share moments of pride and metaphor poems.

Odyssey Celebrates New Digs

Publish Date: Thu, 2015-01-01


See photos of Odyssey’s new location and read student responses to Martin Luther King.

Images of Second Semester

Publish Date: Thu, 2015-01-01


“I am thrilled to be here everyWednesday to learn new information and be around loving and supportive people.”

Read all students’ arguments for why they should continue into the second semester of Odyssey.

Special Moments

Publish Date: Mon, 2014-12-01

coverOdyssey students share childhood memories and profiles in courage.