Volunteer with Odyssey



- Could you organize a group to provide a meal for an Odyssey Class? 

Every Wednesday evening, from September to May, students and faculty sit down together to a hot supper. Many of these meals are organized by groups of people who donate their time and resources to prepare or purchase a meal for an Odyssey class.

- Interested in tutoring an Odyssey student? 
If you are good at writing and editing, math, or a foreign language, you may want to learn more about tutoring with Odyssey.

- Do you have other talents or interests to offer Odyssey? 
Take a look at the Many Ways to Give below. Get inspired to find your own way to get involved with Odyssey! Contact Emily Auerbach at 608-262-3733 or by email at eauerbach@dcs.wisc.edu for more information.


Many Ways to Give

We are fortunate in that the UW Odyssey community includes many people with great talents and big hearts. Here are a few stories of beautiful people who share their gifts with the Odyssey community.

Web Developer, Nathan Marks (Herkimer Media)

Nathan and the team at Herkimer strongly believe in taking the technology we develop for our clients, and making it available to non-profit organizations that make a difference in our community. We are excited to help the UW Odyssey through our work on the Website.

Meal Provider and Organizer, Sandy Kaufman

Many times a year Sandy organizes a group that provides dinner for the Odyssey class.  Sandy says this about her work with Odyssey: "The students of the Odyssey Project are amazing. Members of my PEO Chapter BC are happy to be able to provide some meals for Odyssey students. I never lack volunteers for this most worthy project."

Retired Children's Librarian, Carolyn Sumner

Carolyn Sumner is a generous donor to the Odyssey Project. Carolyn also makes gifts of beautiful books for the children in our Odyssey families.  

In Carolyn's words: "Reading opens up the whole world to you."

Volunteer Photographer, Dick Baker

Dick Baker is a professional photographer who photographs Odyssey students, events, and programs. Dick says this about his volunteer work with Odyssey:"Odyssey is about creating change in people's lives and for me, it's about recording and sharing those beautiful moments."

Volunteer Webmaster, Sara Nagreen

Sara Nagreen translates the virtual world of websites and servers for the Odyssey staff
in order to bring you this beautiful website and keep you up to date on all of the
Odyssey progress throughout the year.