Odyssey Senior

Odyssey Senior is Odyssey’s newest initiative and is a five-week enrichment program celebrating the stories of Odyssey elders. This free program is being offered to all Odyssey students 60 years of age and older as well as their immediate relatives.

Led by Odyssey Project Executive Director and Co-Founder Emily Auerbach along with guests such as Odyssey Co-Founder and memoirist Jean Feraca and Odyssey literacy instructor and historian Ben Shannon, this program will be a warm-hearted, fun way to capture the unique stories of Odyssey elders. Students will create (via writing or speaking) individual stories, read brief samples from autobiographical writings, learn how to do oral history, interview each other, and see their writing published in an Odyssey Senior Oracle.

This program will be offered for the first time starting the spring of 2023!

If you have questions about this program or would like to volunteer to help elders get their stories on paper, please contact:

Emily Auerbach

Credentials: PhD, University of Washington

Position title: Professor of English; Executive Director of the UW Odyssey Project

Email: emily.auerbach@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-262-3733