A Badger Spring – Day of the Badger 2024

Odyssey Rocks Day of the Badger! 

For the past few years, Odyssey has finished in the top ten on the leaderboard for the Day of the Badger, a spirited day of giving (and some good-natured competition between campus groups) that celebrates UW-Madison pride and philanthropy. 

This year was one for the record books! Odyssey, the little program that could, finished FIRST, winning Day of the Badger ahead of huge programs, departments, and schools across campus. 

$88,801 total in donations…86 gifts made…and, thanks to the matching gift of Don and Kathy Miner, every gift up to $5,400 had twice the impact

This incredible finish is a testimony to two key features: our inspiring students who work hard every day to break cycles of poverty and achieve their educational dreams, and our generous supporters who help make those dreams possible.

Every dollar raised during Day of the Badger goes to a very important cause: Odyssey’s Family Fund. This is our most flexible fund and covers the wraparound support that helps our students stay in class even when emergencies like medical or dental issues, eviction notices, food insecurity, or empty gas tanks threaten to derail their progress. The family fund addresses students’ technology needs, art supplies and puzzles for Odyssey Junior children over holiday and summer breaks, food for elders in Odyssey Senior, and items like cap and gown rental for our alumni earning degrees.

Odyssey really did rock the 2024 Day of the Badger, but none of this would be possible without YOU! As always, we’re so grateful to our donors and supporters for believing in our students and for helping to empower them to reach their dreams!