Odyssey alumni


Resources for Past, Present, and Future Odyssey Students

We are always doing our best to find ways to assist our students and give them the resources they need to be successful. With the help of our growing team of advisors, we have put together an ever-growing list of resources that students may find helpful on their educational and personal journey. By using the links below, students will find a list of financial, academic, and community resources, along with a link to our advisors. Feel free to use our Community Resource Guide as well to search for categorized resources.

Financial Resources

Contact Jeff (JP) Pfund for additional information.



Community Resources

Contact Emily Vander Velden for additional information.

Academic Resources

Contact Autumn Sanchez for additional information.

Additional Resources:

Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) is a statewide organization that “works with both women and men by offering relevant business classes, business loans up to $250,000, assistance with your personal financial management, and connections to people who can make things happen.” Visit their website HERE or call 414-263-5450 to learn more!

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