Celebrating Odyssey Junior 2023

Irie reads to therapy dog.

Our youngest Odyssey students held a graduation celebration all their own last month, with parents, teachers, and community partners cheering them on.
Before receiving certificates and gift bags, Odyssey Junior participants shared samples of their work, from art projects to writing featured in the final Junior Oracle.

In a section asking what they liked about Odyssey Junior, fourth grader Irie wrote, “I like the games and probably the things you can do,
like reading books and when they read books it’s kind of like they’re teaching you something but not really. I like reading to the dogs. My favorite game was Sharks and Minnows.”

Check out photos from the party as families celebrated with music, art, therapy dogs, readings, and applause.

Andrea and Lexi.
Alex reads his poem.







Jerome, Zawadi, Leigh and Jayvon
Fredy with his three sons.
Kai wins against Jerome.
Lexi reads from Oracle








Dynast poses with new book.
Alex plays piano.










Amanda and Ocean.
Zawadi, Zaria and Zion.










Aida and her son, Kai.










Legend stacks cups.
Amanda with Symone and Priya.










Tiara and Zola celebrate.
Israel and Angie laugh.