Odyssey students got to be “in the room where it happened”

Bruce and Sidney pose with Hamilton sign

Thanks to American Family Insurance’s generous donation of 30 tickets, Odyssey students enjoyed a mesmerizing performance of Hamilton last month at the Overture Center. Reviews and photos came pouring in:

“The story of Hamilton reminded me of the struggles and achievements of a lot of the students in the Odyssey Project, myself included, and the legacies we want to leave for our children.” —⁠Bruce

“Seeing Hamilton was an amazing daddy‑daughter date that taught me much more about our country’s history and the Constitution.” —⁠Sidney
“What a musical! I was so elated, inspired knowing you can be a nobody and become somebody; you can come out of nowhere and go somewhere. You never know who’s going to write your story.” —⁠Yolanda

“I was a child full of wonder that Friday. I left the theater thinking representation matters A LOT! The story being told by a lens of color meant so much to someone like me. American history never included ‘me’ in a way that was relevant or empowering—but this Hamilton play gave the founding fathers souls that I never presumed they possessed.” —⁠Ozanne

“I was blown away by how history and hip hop could come together to deliver a spectacular show.” —⁠Sandra

“I can’t begin to express how blessed we felt to be in the audience because we understand that so many could not be. The people who could be served most by this story are those that likely could not access it for reasons of equity: those of us who struggle to put food on the table and gas in our cars, to keep our homes warm and our bodies clothed. Seeing Hamilton was a once in a lifetime opportunity that my son and I will not soon forget. It sparked a flame inside of us that reminds us that we can do anything we put our minds to.” —⁠Jamie

“The racial diversity of the cast and the mashed‑up genres of the music captivated me—and dusted off the cobwebs of the history.” —⁠Brian

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