Overcoming barriers

Josephine & family

“I am forever grateful to Odyssey,” Josephine Lorya remarks in a new video created for virtual services at a local church taking up collections for Odyssey and Odyssey Junior. “Odyssey opened up many doors that I never would have thought possible,” she adds. Josephine explains in her cell phone video how Odyssey’s help with books, childcare and other expenses made it possible for her to go on to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Last month Josephine discovered that becoming the cover story for On Wisconsin Magazine triggered a flurry of responses from all around the world. “People have called, texted and messaged me from Kenya, Finland, South Sudan, Canada, Australia and England saying how inspired they feel about the resilience I have. Some have shed tears and said they see themselves in my story and will not give up in their struggles. The article made me realize how much I have been through and overcome.”

Josephine reports that her four children love attending Odyssey Junior and can’t wait to return to in-person meetings: “We are all part of the Odyssey family.”

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