Recognizing our amazing monthly donors

Joy with Ahmad and Grisel, Caption: “Odyssey graduate and monthly donor Joy (left) with classmates

Joy discovered Odyssey while working as a custodian at UW and found the program life-changing, a place where she felt unconditional love from staff determined to remove obstacles that got in her way. Five years later, Joy now contributes to Odyssey as one of more than 50 donors who have arranged for automatic monthly payments, saying it’s her way of making an impact on people in need like she once was. (Read more from other monthly Odyssey donors at the link below.)

To become a monthly donor yourself or make a multiyear pledge, please contact our Director of Development and Community Partnerships, Jenny Pressman, at, or simply initiate your gift using the link below!

Donors to Odyssey say our program gives them hope that change can happen in a world needing to become more equitable. Why have they chosen monthly giving to Odyssey? Here are seven answers:

  • “The stories of Odyssey students young and old and their families whose lives are changed, whose horizons are widened, whose futures become unlimited, often move me to tears. Each month, I know my monetary support of this amazing program helps the world become a better place, and that gives me hope for the future and joy for the present.” (Betty)
  • “Literature, art, music, and history are powerful tools for healing, self-discovery, and collective social change. I give to the Odyssey Project to help those who have been excluded and disempowered find spaces for deep reflection and opportunities for self-discovery through the humanities — a discovery of creativity, confidence, and agency. My monthly donation is a consistent action I can take to help Odyssey participants thrive.” (Sage)
  • “Odyssey responds quickly to unexpected needs. COVID made that obvious, but it’s always been that way and always will be. When crises hit the world, they hit the Odyssey community even harder. My monthly donation provides the program with a way to come through when it’s needed most.” (Craig)
  • “I give to Odyssey because my giving doesn’t just help current Odyssey students but whole families in Dane County. I give to Odyssey monthly through my workplace giving program so that Odyssey has dependable financial support and can plan for the future.” (Leigh)
  • “I have been volunteering behind bars for years at several prisons in a restorative justice program, and I know that Odyssey Beyond Bars helps men and women would grow and find their voice when given a real chance at a college education. It was so easy to sign up for the monthly donation. It is not a huge amount, so I hardly notice it on my charge bill every month, but it adds up and makes a difference.” (Meg)
  • “All of the Odyssey programs are worthy, but I choose to give monthly to The Family Fund because it helps not just the adult Odyssey students but also their children and grandchildren through Odyssey Junior. I loved to read when I was small, and I believe that changed the way I experience the world. I think every child should have the same opportunity, so I give monthly to be a small part of a reliable, consistent income stream that helps make it possible.” (Judi)
  • “The Odyssey Project is a transformative organization serving each student as a whole person and providing access to educational programs and UW campus resources. It’s a privilege to help others find and use their voices on their life journeys. Donating monthly allows me to give a larger amount overall than if I had to write a single check all at once.” (Sarah)
  • “I contribute because education is an essential path out of poverty. Odyssey students not only receive a good education but also acquire an enthusiastic love of learning that will last a lifetime. I give monthly so the Odyssey Project can plan better.” (Judith)

Will you become a monthly donor or make a multi-year pledge? Contact our Director of Development and Community Partnerships, Jenny Pressman, at, or initiate your recurring gift today at the link below!

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