Uncovering the faces of the Class of 2022

Collage of photos of Talaisha, Ontario, and another Odyssey student and her children

“The Odyssey Project has helped me rediscover parts of myself and has been a beautiful gem in tumultuous times,” writes Jonathon, one of 30 students nearing the end of the two-semester journey for the Class of 2022.

Like spring flowers pushing through the snow, radiant smiles emerged from under N95 masks as Odyssey families in the Class of 2022 attended a photoshoot with alum Hedi Rudd, an award-winning photographer with a son and granddaughter in this year’s Odyssey and Odyssey Junior classes. “The Odyssey Project is my newfound, joyous family,” commented Cylinthia, pictured above with her four children.

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Former Odyssey student Hedi Lamarr Rudd taking photos of the Odyssey class of 2012Odyssey Class of 2012 alumna Hedi Lamarr Rudd snapped photos of the class one decade after her own. Her favorite moment was photographing her own son and granddaughter. Brandyn comments, “My mother [Hedi] and sister both graduated from the Odyssey Project, and I am next in line. I hope one day my daughter will join the Odyssey Project as an adult. Odyssey has given me a chance to grow and learn. I cannot wait to walk across that stage on May 4 and say I have done it.”

Headshot of Brandyn and his daughter, Brandyn is an Odyssey graduate of the Class of 2022

See below for more family photos, along with quotes from Class of 2022 students about their Odyssey journey:

Amanda and her family

“The Odyssey Project is a life-changing journey and has made me a stronger woman and mother.”

–– Amanda

Ontario and his family
“Without the Odyssey Project, my dream of attending a major university would not come true.”

–– Ontario

Talaisha and her children

“The Odyssey Project is a great start for people who don’t know their purpose in life.”

–– Talaisha

Crystal and her daughter
“My daughter is in the Odyssey Junior program, and she enjoys reading and the projects they do. I will definitely suggest the Odyssey Project to anybody who wants to continue their education.”

–– Crystal

Michelle and her son

“The Odyssey Project creates an atmosphere where many cultures intertwine and bond, expanding by overcoming barriers.”

–– Michelle

LaRonda and her two sons
“The Odyssey Project is helping strengthen my writing skills and has taught me new things about myself.”

–– LaRonda

Jessica and her daughter

“The Odyssey Project makes you to believe again, turning your ‘I cannot’ into ‘I can.’”

–– Jessica

Erendira and her family

“The Odyssey Project is a multicultural life-changer that becomes a family.”

–– Erendira


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