We can’t stop now!

Odyssey class of 2022

“Before I got accepted into the Odyssey Class of 2022,” Yasmine wrote on her final assignment for 2021, “I was like an oyster in its shell — closed off from the entire world around me. As the classes go on, I am starting to break out. I love the person I’m becoming, and that’s all thanks to Odyssey. The Odyssey Project seems life-changing, so I would feel incomplete if I didn’t finish.”

Jonathon agreed: “I’m an introvert by nature, but as I’ve grown closer with the wonderful people in this Odyssey class, I’ve become more comfortable sharing who I am.”

Classes for the second half of our two-semester UW Odyssey Project course begin January 26, with 30 students eager to continue their life-changing adventure. Help us keep covering the cost of tuition, books, student newsletters like this inspiring “Women of Courage” Oracle, and other materials for second semester!

Ontario with his three childrenAt the end of 2021, having earned half of their six UW credits in English literature, students in the Class of 2022 wrote about why they hoped to continue the journey. “I should continue into the New Year because I have busted my butt to be here while wearing various hats as a father, student, and worker,” Ontario noted. “Without this class, I would never would have read Shakespeare, Frederick Douglass, and Abraham Lincoln. I have learned so much and will continue to grow and learn more as we continue.”

Many students pointed to the impact the program has already had on their children. Cynthia observed, “Odyssey has helped me gain the confidence to read and write again. I want to show my daughter that I can finish it, and generational curses will be broken so that my generation and every generation after me has an educational path that started with me finishing Odyssey.”

Cinderria with her daughterOthers praised the class for helping them improve their writing skills, supporting them and their children during tough times, and creating a nonjudgmental family atmosphere. “You’ve not only changed my life, but you’ve also changed my daughter’s life,” Cinderria commented. “The Odyssey Project gave me hope. I plan to continue to a four-year degree at UW. I will always remember the love, care, and compassion I was given.”

Mechele, mother of seven, vowed to attend all Odyssey classes for second semester as part of her journey towards a master’s degree in social work. “Education is power, and I want to gain all my power. I know that I have a voice to help, a voice that needs to be heard.”

Mark your calendar now to join either in person or online as Mechele, Cinderria, Cynthia, Ontario, Jonathon, Yasmine, and 24 of their Class of 2022 classmates celebrate their Odyssey graduation with Chancellor Rebecca Blank on Wednesday, May 4, 6-7:30 p.m., at Memorial Union.

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