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The following resources (see the document and tabs with linked resources below) are offered as a self-service starting point for some of the most common financial wellness topics mentioned in the UW Odyssey Project intake forms. Talking about finances can be stressful – thus I am happy to chat in person, on the phone, or via e-mail about any specific needs or goals you may have.

General Thoughts: When finances are involved I tend to suggest you start with the business relationships you have now – your bank, your credit union, your insurance agent. They already have a relationship with you, so make an appointment and talk to them about starting a business, buying a car, or creating a workable budget. Many times they can guide you and give referrals if wanted. Always comparison shop loans and interest rates.

Jeff Pfund
Assoc. Director Office of Student Financial Aid
333 East Campus Mall #9701 Madison WI 53715
Phone: 608 263 7100  /  Fax: 608 262 5727  /  E-mail:

Financial resources overview

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This document contains various financial resources in the Madison area.

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UW Odyssey Community Resources

Community Resources the UW Odyssey Project team put together

Click here for the Resource List from the UW Odyssey Project 

Understanding Finances and Money

Ever wonder what a stock is ? Curious to what type of jobs most millionaires have ? Want to get control of your debt or choose who should get paid first ?

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing by Kenneth M. Morris

Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Stanley & Danko

Surviving Debt; Expert Advice for Getting Out of Financial Trouble by National Consumer Law Center

Money advice and reviews of credit cards, loans, and insurance 

Understanding Debt and How to Manage It

Bills got you down ? Wish you could better understand how to get out of debt ? Is your credit card taking you to court ?

Surviving Debt; Expert Advice for Getting Out of Financial Trouble by National Consumer Law Center

*Some chapters may be available for free online

Form cv-424 to stop a wage garnishment

Financial Calculators

Curious on how much a car loan will cost ? Free financial calculators for savings, car loans, car leases, loans, credit cards, home loans, and more

Auto refinance, leasing, retirement, and more 
Cars, homes, savings, and more

Spending Plans & Budget

Credit Bureau Reports

Your credit score can impact your car insurance, if you get a job or housing. JP suggests you review your score once a year on your birthday – it is free !

Get your free report here – the only authorized source

Do you have an error you want to dispute? 

Wonder how your credit impacts your life ? 

Resources for a small business

Curious on how to start a business ? Looking for a mentor to help with your business ? Need financing to grow your business ?

Wisconsin Women’s (and men) Business Initiative Corporation to help start, grow, and finance a business 

 Small Business Administration (national) and finding a local office 

Madison area business mentoring 

Housing Resources

Need help finding housing ? Curious on if you can get free or reduced internet ? Trouble with your landlord ?

Housing Programs via Dane County Housing Authority 
Utilities / Internet assistance 
Tenant resource center 
Homeless & Housing Resources 

Financial Aid for College & Shopping for Post-Secondary Education

Student loans & consolidations/refinanced

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