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Odyssey Graduation Ceremony

Celebrating the Odyssey Class of 2021!

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to see that so many of you joined us the evening of May 5, 2021 to celebrate the resilient Odyssey Class of 2021! Despite battling COVID themselves, deaths of loved ones, homelessness, domestic abuse, parenting stress, lost wages, and physical and mental health challenges, our students discussed complex works of literature, philosophy, history, and art and created their own inspiring poetry and prose. As the first graduating class to complete both semesters of Odyssey online, the Class of 2021 was cheered on with widespread community support to celebrate their tremendous success. A big thank you to everyone who attended our second-ever online graduation ceremony!

If you were unable to attend, please check out the links below to both the full graduation ceremony and the portion of the evening that included each student reading.



"This journey of education will help me better myself as a single mother of four African American boys today. It will help me achieve my lifetime goals while also paving a way for my children. It can help me be able to use my powerful voice."

Delisha, Odyssey '21

2021 Friends of the UW Odyssey Project Award

Jen with OBB students
Jen Rubin with Odyssey Beyond Bars students

Congratulations to Jen Rubin for winning the 2021 Friend of the UW Odyssey Project Award! For many years, Jen has volunteered as a writing tutor and storyteller to empower Odyssey students find their voices and hone their skills. Whether in composition classes in a South Madison classroom or behind a barbed wire barrier at Oakhill Correctional Institution, Jen Rubin has helped Odyssey and Odyssey Beyond Bars students dig deeply to find the transformational stories inside of themselves. She has featured their narratives at storytelling events and on podcasts, always respecting their dignity and humanity. Thanks, Jen, for all you have done and will do to showcase our students’ stories!