A Decade of Love

Adult Odyssey student with toddler daughter

Every February, we broaden our understanding of Valentine’s Day by asking Odyssey students to start an essay with “I love.” Here are samples from the past decade, including many focusing on the joy of learning:

“I love Odyssey, doing my homework, and finding freedom of mind in my classroom.” —⁠Faustin, 2010

“I love discussion because it’s how we find out what others think.” —⁠Martin, 2011

“I love writing because it helps me heal, helps me escape, and helps me share a precious gift.” —⁠Yolanda, 2012

“I love my Webster’s because it has never stood me up, let me down, or led me astray, giving me 230,000 reasons to love it.” —⁠Tosumba, 2013

“I love reading and the way the words jump off the page.” —⁠Jacquan, 2014

“I love being a woman with black coarse hair and strength like the king of the jungle.” —⁠Michelle, 2015

“I love my dark skin and how red lipstick makes my lips pop.” —⁠Dianna, Odyssey Junior, 2016

“I love Odyssey because when the whole world wants to count us out and remind us of our different levels of poverty and the color of our skin, Odyssey doesn’t, which makes me believe anything is possible.” —⁠Jessica, 2017

“I love my grandma because she buys me things from Amazon.” —⁠Khali, Odyssey Junior, 2018

“I love my daughter’s smile, exposing only four teeth.” —⁠Galeca, 2019

“I love all the love I feel when I walk into this Odyssey classroom.” —⁠Tina, 2020

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