“I Am Somebody”: Starting Second Semester

Smiling Odyssey students Jyneeva and Riley

Students in the Odyssey Class of 2020 met on January 22 to start off the second half of our two-semester course. They read from the January Oracle featuring their writing from December. All students had to make a case for why they should be allowed to continue in the program. Jyneeva (above, left) wrote that she applied for Odyssey because she wanted change and to redeem herself after dropping out of college in the past. She ended her essay with, “I deserve a second chance. I plan on becoming a registered nurse one day. Odyssey is only the beginning of my journey to success. I am smart, I am important, and I am somebody. These are my reasons to carry on for second semester.”

Riley (above, right) acknowledged that, like most of his classmates, he has been dealing with all kinds of personal, family, and economic issues outside of class. He resolved to put 100% of himself into Odyssey classes in 2020: “It has been tough. I am passionate about bettering my life and changing my thinking. This class helps with that. Next semester I want to work even harder and participate in class more.”

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