Celebration spotlight: Odyssey and Odyssey Junior

3 members of Odyssey Junior with their father


Now completing its 19th year, Odyssey offers a free, transformational two-semester UW course for 30 students each year to explore literature, philosophy, history, art, music, and writing.

“My mother and sister both graduated from the Odyssey Project, and I am next in line. I hope one day my daughter will join the Odyssey Project as an adult. Odyssey has given me a chance to grow and learn. I cannot wait to walk across that stage on May 4 and say I have done it.”
— Brandyn, Class of 2022


Odyssey Junior

Odyssey Junior inspires the next generation, providing a literacy and arts enrichment program to Odyssey children and grandchildren ages newborn to 17.

“Together, my kids in Odyssey Junior are on this journey with me, talking about what we are learning and paving the way for us today in the world. They enjoy the program so much.”
— Ontario, Class of 2022, with three children in Odyssey Junior

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