Remembering our Nights of the Living Humanities

Denise Maddox '04 as Sojourner Truth and Derrick Allen '18 as Duke Ellington

“Odyssey helped me find my voice, that courage I have to speak,” remarked Odyssey alum Corey Saffold at our 2018 “Night of the Living Humanities” fundraiser.

In late October of any other year, you might have found Frida Kahlo, Socrates, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Shakespeare sharing refreshments at the University Club for Odyssey’s signature fundraiser. Thanks to the current pandemic, not even these long-dead luminaries can gather for this event in 2020.

We hope to see you on Thursday, October 28, of next year, if we can hold “Night of the Living Humanities” safely. Meanwhile, we invite you to browse our gallery of photos from past years and support Odyssey in any way you can. Without this annual fundraiser, we must depend on the generosity of individual supporters like you. Thank you!

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